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How to use Paste Inside in Affinity Photo with shapes, live filter layers etc



The Edit menu command in Affinity Photo 'Paste Inside' doesn't look much but you can use it to create a vast number of complex groupings of colorful layers mixed with shapes and also combined with live filter layers as well as layer styles and also adjustment layers (as well as masks and much more). You can create a very basic design and then add a live filter layer to that artwork. You then have a group of the live filter and the shaoe and that can then be copied via the layers panel.


The live filter and shape combo can then be pasted inside another shape. You can contine to edit the live filter layer and the original shape. You can also add into the mix multiple live filter layers (and they can be edited) along with adjustment layers and other items and then they can be grouped and then copied again via the layers panel and a new shape can be created and again the paste inside can be used


The combinations of live filter layers can be pasted multiple times into a single container and they can be still moved and edited via the layers panel. You can repeat this over and over. You can make multiple copies and all the shapes and the live filter layers are still editable until you rasterize the entire set of groupings via the merge command or via the rasterize command to turn the set into a pixel layer. You can then use various filters such as deform


You can also modify the shapes. You can warp the shapes using distort layers. You can convert the shapes to curves via the convert to curve and much more



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