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How to use create complex designs as shape fills in Affinity Photo



You can create a very basic fill in Affinity Photo for a shape such as solid color as well as gradient and bitmap fill but you can use the paste inside command in the edit menu to add a lot more complex fill shape designs such as create a shape with multiple gradient fills (such as thin gradient strips in the video tutorial).


You can also add live filter layers to the gradients inside the container shape. You can edit that live filter layer at any point. You can also add multiple layer filters as well as adjustment layers such as black and white or HSL to the designs. You can also group all those layers as well as live filter layers into a group and then duplicate the group and then apply transformations to the gradients and then use the blend modes in the layers panel to see the underlying gradients. You can also then apply filter effects such as deform which will convert all the artwork into a pixel layer (so can no longer be edited as a vector layer set). You can then re-color that layer and also add other effects)


The live filter layers and other resources can now all be grouped and then copied in the layers panel and paste inside a new container. The container can also have layer effects such as bevels added


You can repeat this and add even more complexity of shapes and effects and all these designs and layers can also be added into another container shape to create all kinds of magical designs. The artwork can also be grouped and added as a selection to the assets panel for future use


Any of the designs remaining as vectors can also be converted into curves via the convert to curves command in the Affinity Photo menu and the node tool can then be used to distort and modify the shape.



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