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Swirl / flourish custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

swirl shapes for Photoshop and elements extruded

Swirl flourish custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Photoshop elements on the PC and MAC. The swirl and embellish and flourish sets are all royalty free, all for commercial work, all are by The swirl custom shapes are all accessed via the custom shapes tool and cookie tool in Photoshop (and elements respectively). The swirl shapes are vector designs for any size of work. The swirl shapes are super easy to access and apply either as layers or fills and paths. The swirl shapes can be applied in any color, can be combined with styles, used with all kinds of effects, you can use them as a super resource for creating brushes, patterns, displacements, paths, masks, frame artworks and more. They can be used to created wonderful selections. You can use masks with the swirl / flourish Photoshop custom shapes to create ever more unique designs. The swirl shapes include many different curled swirls, celtic designs, flourish artworks and more. See all the swirl related sets below and see the items included in each set via the gallery link. The sets include the CSH files + gallery + notes + serial

transform duplicate curl swirl scroll shapes photoshopduplicated layers swirl custom shapes photoshopadjustments swirl custom shapes photoshopcurl swirl flourish shape photoshopcombine swirl curl shapes swirl tile shapecurved flourish swirl shapegreen tiled swirl shape3d extruded flourish swirl shape extrudedeform curved artworkswirl effect plugin photodonut dolladjustments blur swirls flourishdistorted flourish adjustmentsfill background flourishframe swirlflourishes in whitemusic flow formborder flourish strokeceltic swirlsglow design flourishscroll design

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