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Polar grid tool and variable width profiles in Adobe Illustrator tutorial

width profile polar grid tool Illustrator tutorial

How to apply a variable width profile in Illustrator to an Adobe Illustrator polar grid tool tutorial. The polar grid is just a normal Illustrator path and you can apply strokes and fills to the art - in particular, variable width profiles (as below). You can find variable profile widths beside the stroke setting along the top option bar.

  1. Create a polar grid

  2. Go to the stroke setting and set to 10pt

  3. Go to the variable width profile dropdown

  4. Select one of the variable width profiles in Illustrator

  5. Go to the width tool in the Illustrator toolbar

  6. Manipulate the individual profiles. Left you can see the result of a subtle change to the width profiles added to a grid

Variable width profile / width tool and polar grid

polar grid tool and variable width profile and tool

You can apply the width profiles in Illustrator but you can also use the width tool to modify the variable width.

  1. Select the polar grid

  2. Select the width tool in the Illustrator toolbar

  3. Go to the path and move the width side etc in different positions


You can modify the concentric dividers as well as the radial dividers (such as on the right)


You can also, once you have modified the polar grid path with the Illustrator width tool then you can then use the object menu and expand appearance command.


You will notice that the width tool probably has generated a lot of points and these can be removed by using the smooth tool or the smart remove brush (available from Astute Graphics)

Different examples of the variable width profile applied to the polar grid

variable width profile applied to polar grid tool generated twice
  1. Select the path

  2. Go to the width profile dropdown and select the profile 4

  3. The color of the path was then changed to purple

  4. The path was then duplicated and shifted from the original position. The end result being on the left

Ignore parts of grid

radial and concentric width profiles

The next example shows that you can apply the variable width profile to one part and ignore the other paths.


  1. Create the polar grid with concentric and radial dividers

  2. Object menu and ungroup

  3. Select the concentric dividers

  4. Apply the width profile 1

  5. Select the radial dividers

  6. Apply the width profile 6

  7. Change the color of the radial dividers

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