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How to load multiple custom shapes files into Photoshop tutorial

load multiple custom shapes files in Photoshop quickly

How to Load multiple Photoshop shapes files in one go into Photoshop (super quick time saving tip) tutorial

  1. Select a selection of shape files CSH in a folder

  2. Drag into the Photoshop application

Load multiple Photoshop custom shapes

loaded animals drag custom shapes into photoshop multiple

You can load multiple shapes sets by two methods (there are probably others)

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  1. Select a number of CSH files

  2. Drag from the folder into the Photoshop application




  1. Select a number of Photoshop CSH files

  2. Right click

  3. Select open command or open with command (if you have multiple versions of Photoshop)

Custom shapes in preset's panel

panel display animals

Now go to the panel and you will see all the items loaded, you can, of course, just load them multiple times so you could have 10 sets of the dogs added but what point would there be for that.

  1. Select the custom shapes tool in Photoshop

  2. Go to the custom shapes presets picker at the top of Photoshop

  3. Open the presets picker

  4. Select a shape


Saving the custom shapes set - save all the multiple shapes to a large CSH format file

panel save shapes for Photoshop multiple designs

Once you have loaded all the items you want from the CSH files, you can always select them and delete them.


Select the custom shape CSH tool and then go to the panel and select the items you don't want then right click and select the delete command or hold the ALT key down.


Once you have all the items as required then you can go to the right side menu of the panel and select the save command and the CSH will be saved to the current version's format.

  1. Select the custom shapes tool

  2. Go to the shapes presets picker

  3. Delete all the shapes you no longer want (right click and delete etc)

  4. Go to the right side menu

  5. Go to the save shapes command

  6. Save the set as a CSH file

Load multiple Photoshop shapes files in one go - using the open command

This approach may work with some versions of Photoshop

  1. File menu in Photoshop

  2. Open

  3. Select a number of CSH files etc

  4. Open


Please note, in some cases only one file may open and in some cases, many will open

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