How to use Patterno and Text filter Tutorial

How to use the font set designs in the text filter of Patterno application tutorial.

  1. Start Patterno

  2. Click on texts filter (left side panel)

  3. Display a selection of text presets

  4. Click on a preset (stanley cup)

  5. Set canvas size

  6. Set the text

  7. Change the text for the first etc items

  8. Change the color of the text

  9. Change font

  10. Change generator settings etc

  11. Click save goto resolution to save a tile with the current artwork

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Add strings and remove : The tool creates words in random (as well as sequence) way using the strings in the displayed list on the right. If you want to add the words






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Just go to the + button and add those words and change the color to be used for those words. You can add an entire word or a single character - so if you want to display the word happy as individual characters then you will have to '+' the letters H then A then P then P and then Y.


Select the other words in the list to remove the entries by clicking the - button


You can change the font used for the entire design, you can select something like arial as well as any other typeface available. You can give the characters a single stroke color as well as stroke weight


Generator : You can change the spacing for the horizontal as well as the vertical. You can space the characters to be either super close to a large gap between each of the designs. You can also apply them randomly or apply them in order so if you have the letters HAPPY then you can order them as HAPPY or you can generate them as H followed by P and then A and then P etc. You can also set the color to be as set or random (where the colors are chosen from the defined colors but randomly). You can force to uppercase or lowercase or as defined. You can also modify the overall brightness so set to 0 to make the image end up as the background color.


You can randomize the tiles via the new button


Saving the tile for use in other applications : The application can be used to create all kinds of text tiles by saving the tile via the 'save to resolution'.


You can save the files to PNG as well as JPG and TIFF and JPEG 2000


The applications has 100s of wonderful features but sadly layers and effects are not included (would love to see them added in any update of the powerful tool) so it is probably best to export the artwork from the text filter and then use that in a tool like Affinity Photo or Painter or Photoshop.


The application does have a number of other excellent filters (such as rays etc) and they are all worth checking out and I will be adding short tutorials on those as well).


Open the file in Photoshop and then use the edit menu define command to save the tile to the presets and then use it in the fill content etc. You can also load the PNG file via the gradient tool / bitmap fill in Affinity Photo. Or save the artwork to the patterns folder for use in PSP


Other tools : The application is a tool from Neatberry. The set includes many other effects such as rays, dots, confetti, stripes etc.

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