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Intro. Animate / Flash symbols for CC 2019 2018 2017 CS6 etc in standard FLA vector shapes (also for Macromedia Flash). All royalty free. They are all commercial (CU4CU) use, all the flash symbols are by No credit is required, royalty free, world wide use, no time limits imposed. Use them to create items for sale to create books, adverts, packaging, posters, mugs, fashions, ceramics, textiles, hats, web sites and more. They can be used to any size. The symbols for Flash and Animate can be set to any color. If you have any questions about the uses of the presets please check out our license section or contact us on support@ They are stored in standard FLA format for ease of use in the applications and you can access them via the panel and use in all your projects. Load the initial FLA format file via the file menu import and open external library. On purchase, receive the Flash symbols FLA files along with notes and gallery and serial for the set. There are 5000 Flash symbols available in our collection set and that contains many weird and wonderful as well as basic vector imagery. There are also 14 original themed packs + other packs. The shapes are only a starting point. They can be modified and then re-saved as a new artwork and added to your own project libraries. Once in the application you place them in frames / key frames, tween as normal. As they are purely used as an instance (containing transformation information such as scaling, rotation and a reference back to the original source), they have little impact on the actual file size. To use the Flash / animate symbols, simply drag from the library and use in current document. You can find all our Video tutorials via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube as well as via the excellent Tip

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Flash symbols to buy.


Price :$6.49 US Dollars FLA format.

BUY 5000 symbols - 3D, arrows, wavy artworks, flowers stars, abstract ... gallery

BUY 100 Greek ornament artworks for use throughout your work gallery

BUY 350 Christmas artworks including angels and candles gallery

BUY 100 Doodles and sketches and hand drawn artworks including frames, sketched artworks gallery

BUY 380 Snowflakes includes Christmas imagery, snow flakes, blue, crystals etc gallery

BUY 200 Flourishes and swirls gallery

BUY 130 Flourishes gallery

BUY 165 Embellishment themed includes scrolls, curved, swirls, flourishes etc gallery

BUY 160 Heart romance including outlines, hollow, red, curved and more gallery

BUY 1,000 Mixed Vector graphics including petals, frames, lines and more. gallery

BUY 1,500 Artworks including contours, pyramids, wavy designs and many more gallery

BUY 200 Ripples gallery

BUY 100 Different arrows gallery

BUY 100 Grid / table / layout themed gallery

BUY 100 Mixed artworks gallery

BUY 100 Mixed artworks gallery

BUY 100 Rosette vector artworks gallery

BUY 100 Stunning scroll / embellished artworks gallery

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Combine. How to combine Flash symbols (Animate symbols) ? Goto the library in Flash to access the symbols to combine. Select flash symbols to combine and drag to the movie. Modify menu and break apart. Select the artworks using the Flash selection tool. Modify menu and Combine objects and Union. Drag the design back into the symbols 'library' panel. You can combine the symbols in 1000s of ways using the above to create a vast range of new artworks from all your symbol designs. The artwork can then be saved to a new FLA Flash / Animate symbols file for future use

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Break apart. How to break apart the artwork for use just as normal paths and then add color effects to them using tools such as Kuler. Go to the window and then extensions and Kuler command. If you are not connected to the web then the only option will be the create. You can still use the Kuler tool to create harmonious color schemes to any selected shapess (as well as the entire movie). All are vector shapes and can be increased in size / rotated and more without any sizing issues. If you want to modify any of the designs then you have to break apart the design. Break the shapes apart (using the right click menu option for the selected artwork) and use the pointer tool to modify the path's points. You can also find the same command in the modify menu.

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Open libraries. How to open the Flash symbols FLA libraries ? Goto the File menu and Import command and Open external library and select FLA file. The library will then appear and you will see a selection of Flash symbols with date modified / use count / type. Select an item in the library and drag to the document. The item will then appear in the document's library panel.

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Freebies. Free animate CC / flash symbols FLA format