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Fireworks symbols CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 set includes cross shapes, insect symbols, arrows, Greek ornament / meander designs , Christmas firework symbols, butterfly artworks, lattice designs, rounded etc royalty free. All are for commercial (CU4CU), create items for sale such as logos, templates, books, adverts, packaging and much more. The fireworks symbols are all royalty free, world wide use, no time limits. All are by Andrew Buckle ( They are in PNG for use in PC (windows 8 / 10 / 7 etc) and MAC OS X (all version). Easy to use and apply via the presets panel. The PNG images are all accessed via the presets panel / import command - you can select to load all them or you can select only a sub-set of the symbols in the individual PNG image. If you wish, you can also combine the Firework symbols PNG images such as selecting your favourite artworks for quick re-use. They can all be modified, they can be re-colored, xtras can be applied, they can be transformed, rotated, embossed, fills applied, satin added, combined, filters added, layer effects can be applied and much more. If you have any questions about the Fireworks symbols set, please contact us. Fireworks is from Adobe (previously Macromedia Fireworks)


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How to save the Firework symbols

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Symbols to buy. BUY Price :$6.49 US Dollars 13,000 Shapes for Adobe ® Fireworks ® all totally royalty free and amazing quality for all your projects - super easy to use gallery


Export. How to export Fireworks symbols to other applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop ? The Fireworks symbols can be exported as JPG, GIF, PNG etc Go to the fireworks symbols panel (document library or common library). Place a symbol on the document / page by dragging it from the symbols panel. File menu and Save command. Select GIF or JPG etc format. Give it a name for symbols export file. Save button. If you want to save the artworks as vectors for use in Adobe ® Photoshop ® such as using the Fireworks shapes as vectors then you can use the PSD format. File menu and Save as and then select the PSD format and click the options and set "maintain editability" and also the shapes etc must be on individual layers (and not on the same layer). Open Photoshop and then open the PSD file and use the vector shape layers (you can also use the artworks as Photoshop custom shapes). If you save the shapes in PNG or other formats then the vector information is lost. To export and save Fireworks symbols to a vector format then the best format is probably AI as you can use the artwork as vectors in Adobe AI and the format can also be used in other applications as well in vector format. The save command (different from save to) only saves PNG. The steps are file menu and then save as and give the filename a name and then select the Illustrator 8 format

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Install. How to install the Fireworks symbols / libraries PNG in CS6 etc ? Startup Adobe Fireworks. Go to the window menu command. Document library panel. Goto to the right side menu of document library (this is where you load / install the Firework symbols). Import symbols command. Browse and select PNG file. Select all or select some. Click import. Select the symbol in the document library or common library (these can be shown via the window menu). Drag from the panel and place on the artboard. No particular folder is required for the install of the files so you can install the PNG images in any location. The most convenient location is probably going to be your folder in your user account as you will have full access to save and overwrite the files.

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Save symbols. How to save symbols to the common library in Adobe Fireworks tutorial. Fireworks window menu and then document library panel of Fireworks. Select the Firework symbol in the document library. Right menu. Save to common library command. You can now save the vector artworks to a common library format for ease of access in CS6 etc which is .graphic and they are stored in the application support (mac) common library and any custom ones are stored in the custom symbols folder. Go to the modify menu and then Symbol category and then use the Convert to command. Set the enable 9-slice ON. Enable "save to common library" to ON. Give it a name and then click OK. The new artwork will be stored as a .graphic in the custom section. Common library panel and then go to the custom symbols section of the common library - the names are all in order so you should find them beneath the buttons and cursors. You can see from the example on the right that it is probably best to give it a better name (just calling it 19 is probably not a great description). The one good thing about the common library is that the vectors are now available at all times and no longer need to be re-loaded via the import.

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Scale. How to re-size / scale symbols in Adobe Fireworks tutorial. You can use the scale tool for scaling the Fireworks symbols. Select the fireworks symbols to be scaled. Go to the toolbar. Select the scale tool (near the top of the toolbar). Size as required. The tool also combines with the skew and distort tool, both of the tools can also be used to modify the selected vector graphic. The shape can also be flipped vertically or horizontally. The center of the transformation can be re-positioned. Pointer tool - You can also re-size the artworks using the pointer tool. Double click the artwork and the use the pointer tool to increase or decrease the size of the vector. You then need to exit from the editing mode. You can also re-size them via the menu. Goto the modify menu and then use the transform command and scale. There are other transformations such as skew and distort and flip. One interesting option is the numeric transform - makes it a whole lot easier to add precise settings for the transformation. The artwork can be re-sized via the properties panel by selecting the work and then changing the W (width) etc via the properties panel. You can also use the same panel to add edge and texture and much more to the selected design

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