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Exporting Firework symbols Tutorial

How to export Fireworks symbols to other applications using export commands tutorial

Export of shapes to other applications via save

raster and vector export from Fireworks symbolsHow to export the Fireworks symbols to vector and raster formats.


The Fireworks symbols can be exported as rasters via the standard formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG and therefore can be used in many other applications.


1. Go to the fireworks symbols panel


2. place a symbol on the document / page


3. file menu and save command

Export Fireworks symbols via the save as command Vectors)

export psd for maximum vector format for fireworks symbolsThe save as command exports them to PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, TIFF etc.


If you want to export the images as vectors for use in Adobe ® Photoshop ®, such as using the Fireworks shapes as vectors then you can use the PSD format.


1. file


2. save


3. select PSD


4. Options and editability on, also the shapes etc must be on individual layers (and not on the same layer).


5. Open Photoshop and then open the PSD file and use the vector shape layers (you can also even used the export artworks as Photoshop custom shapes).


If you export the shapes in PNG and other formats the artworks are stored as raster format files, if you re-input them into FW the image will still be raster. The vector information has been lost.


To export and save Fireworks symbols to a vector format then the best format is probably AI as you can use the exported Fireworks symbols (as well as auto shapes) as vectors in Adobe AI and these can be exported to other applications. The save command (different from save to) only saves PNG


Export symbols via export wizard

Or use the export wizard as this offers a selection of options such as GIF, animated GIF, JPG, TIFF. The export command offers a suggestion (such as TIFF) but you can always override this once you get to the end screen for the export.

Export menu command

export fireworks symbolsThe export command with CS6 offers only PNG (which is a useful format for transferring assets) for raster format and PDF and a few others.


I have to say the PDF on the surface for the export of Fireworks symbols seems a great idea, the results end up as raster as well (in tests) which does negate the use of PDF.


So ultimately, AI format seems about the best choice for export of shapes and that is in the save as menu.


1. file menu


2. export


3. select AI format

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