Clip Studio Paint Tutorials

How to use gradients in Clip Studio Paint tutorial and create colorful designs in seconds

Tutorial steps

  1. Open a document

  2. Select the gradient tool in the toolbar of Clip Studio Paint

  3. Display the tool and sub tool and tool property and sub tool detail via window menu

  4. Select a sub tool such as sunset gradient

  5. Go to the sub tool detail and change the stops and shape and edge process etc

A powerful tool in CSP and can be manipulated in many ways to create 1000s of colorful designs. Select the gradient tool and then display all the relevant panels. Once you have those, select an existing sub tool (or preset). If you just wish to use the existing tool and apply that quickly to your artwork then just do that but if you wish to modify the tool then it is probably best to duplicate the tool and work from that. The tool can be used on layers as well as background. You can edit it by clicking the advanced settings button. You can then either select one of the sets and select on those or you can click on the stops along the top bar and change the opacity and position and color (there are a few options such a main drawing color and sub drawing color or specified color). You can also changing the mixing rate curve to modify how it is mixed with the adjacent colors with a nice and useful graph and if you don't want that you can just turn the check OFF. You can click through the nodes (or stops) via the > and < buttons and as you click them you will see the position and opacity and color change as well as the mixing rate. You can reverse the color stops. Doesn't sound particularly exciting but it can be quite useful to reverse it as sometimes you will find that you want the dark colors on the other side and this just quickly swaps them without the need for any dragging of the stops to the new positions. You can create a linear or straight line as well as circle or ellipse. The ellipse is quite nice as you can create the ellipse at any angle. Ellipse has to be my favorite. This is a useful feature as you can set it to not repeat which basically means it is applied once along the length of the application of the colors from the origin point but instead of stopping the final color extends to fill the entire document. If you use the repeat then the colors are repeated so if you have a preset with red green blue then if you create a very small movement of the mouse to add the design then lots and lots of lines or rings will be created. If you create a very big linear or circle movement then only one or two of the lines or rings will be generated with the red green blue red green blue etc being repeated.Reverse is similar but is a lot smoother and instead of color 1 color 2 color 3 you now will see color 1 color 2 color 3 color 2 color 1 color 2 etc. The not draw sounds a little daft because it does actually draw. It draws the artwork only as far as the point of release of the mouse. Nothing else is added so it is added on top of the existing work so if you have a photo etc below then the photo is not totally covered. If selected then the art is created from the origin point (not the center of the document) outwards. If you de-select it then it drags outwards with the center point moving outwards as you move the mouse. Super useful feature in that it will draw on the current layer but setting it to create gradient layer means every apply generates a new layer.


You can then create 100s of artwork layers in seconds and each of the layers can be selected and moved and deleted (if required). You can set it that the created artwork is applied using difference or darken or lighten as well as a certain opacity. You can, of course, override this if you are using the presets to create a layer as that layer can be changed via the layer panel. You can apply the preset to a layer and then use effects such as wave shape to modify the design in countless ways.


You can apply the effects once or multiple times to the preset. You can apply effects such as blurs, whirlpool, fish eye etcVideo tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


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