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how to draw an arrow in Photoshop tutorial

how to draw an arrow in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to draw an arrow in Photoshop tutorial etc, This tutorial is for raster / drawing of arrows. You can create arrows in Photoshop by drawing with the brush tools (using all kinds of brush strokes). You can draw a freehand arrow in Photoshop but you can draw a "proper" arrow by using straight line brushes (hold down the shift to constrain the brush stroke). The arrow can be drawn in Photoshop by using a grid. You can also draw the arrows in Photoshop via scanned arrow designs (draw the arrows on a piece of paper) and then cleanup the arrow in Photoshop and add to the brushes or use the drawn arrow as a layer. This tutorial shows you how to draw an arrow in Photoshop using brushes as well as using a scanned image

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  1. view menu

  2. show and grid

  3. select the brush tool and color (black) and select the default basic soft round brush and size (40px)

  4. click one of grid row / columns

  5. hold shift down and move horizontally a couple of cells and click

  6. go upwards and back at 45 degrees and holding shift and click

  7. go back to the original end point

  8. click and go down and back at 45 degrees while holding shift and click


The above is a basic arrow on the background layer. You could also draw the arrow on a layer. You could also draw the layer freehand without holding the shift key to force contstraint to a straight line. The above example shows a brush stroke arrow

Draw an arrow on a Photoshop layer using Photoshop brush

draw an arrow in Photoshop and add effects
  1. create document 400 x 400

  2. go to the preferences

  3. guides, grids and slices

  4. set gridline every 100 pixels and subdivision 1

  5. OK

  6. view menu

  7. show and grid

  8. select the brush tool

  9. set the color (black)

  10. select to the default basic soft round brush and size (40px)

  11. layer menu

  12. new layer

  13. click the 2nd row / 1st column

  14. hold shift and go to the 2nd row / 3rd column

  15. click

  16. hold shift down

  17. goto to the 1st row and 2nd column and click

  18. click 3rd row and 2nd column

  19. hold shift down and go to the 2nd row / 3rd column

The above again is a very basic arrow and you could as easily have used a 20 x 20 sized grid and made a long arrow. The artwork is on a layer so effects and layer styles can be easily added to it such as bevel and shadow

Draw an arrow on a Photoshop layer freehand - a very quick and easy way to create unique arrow designs

scanned arrows drawing in PhotoshopYou can do this in Photoshop just by using the brush tools and an artpad and pens etc. You can also use a scanner

  1. draw a lot of brushes on a piece of white paper

  2. scan that image (Photoshop file menu and import and images from device)

  3. go to image with arrows

  4. select an area with an arrow and copy

  5. paste into a new document

  6. layer menu

  7. flatten image

  8. select menu

  9. select and mask

  10. select area of the arrow brush

  11. output to selection (or one of the others)

  12. drag into the libraries panel to store the design

Of course, you may wish to do a little cleanup on the image. The scanned white will probably not be very white and the selection will have a border so perhaps use the select menu and select and mask to obtain only the arrow. You should be able to get a pretty decent arrow drawing from the scanned artwork and that should be usable as a brush or layer

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