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Styles in Photodonut tutorial

photodonut styles tutorial

How to use styles in Photodonut. Photodonut application and plugin are a powerful tool set to manipulate images with drawing styles, photo styles, sketch styles, illustration styles and more. The core of the Photodonut application is the style.

  1. open image in Photodonut or use the plugin via Photoshop etc to access the plugin

  2. go to the styles panel

  3. Select building blocks or color tools or drawing styles or graphic art styles etc

  4. Select a style within those categories

  5. Change settings

  6. Click the save button in the Photodonut ring

The styles can be added once or more times in Photodonut. You can add multiple effect layers / styles via the effect layers panel. You can also blend the Photodonut styles via effect layers via the effect layers panel. You can change the settings of the Photodonut styles to tweak the width of a pen or pencil as well as change the actual pencil used via the settings panel. You can also add post processing color settings to the Photodonut styles. The Photodonut images and styles can then be saved in a variety of other formats for use in Photoshop and other applications. Photodonut styles in the free version includes a huge selection of pop art styles, sketch styles, impressionist styles, manga comic styles, pencil styles and many more. The full version of Photodonut includes even more styles and options to manipulate the artwork. This tutorial shows you how to select the styles as well as add new effect layers and more styles and how to blend the styles / effect layers. The tutorial also shows how you can then manipulate the effect layers / styles with post processing and save the results from Photodonut

Single style / single effect layer in Photodonut

photodonut single styles

You can use the Photodonut as a single click tool. Select a style At that point you have one effect layer with that style. OK, that is fine but say you want to add more effects. As soon as you click another style then the effect layer has another style applied. The workaround for the single style approach (if using the free version) is to use layers.

  1. styles

  2. select style

  3. change settings if available in the right side panel

  4. go to the pre-processing or post-processing if you want to modify the start or end point


There are many available styles with Photodonut such as drawing styles, graphic art styles, comic book styles etc and they can all be applied in seconds to a single effect layer. One very nice feature of the Photodonut styles is that a small preview of the effect applied to the image is used to replace the style thumbnails so you can see the end result (in miniature) before you get to the actual processing.

How to add another effect layer / style

multiple layers and effects in photodonut

To add more styles to the photos in Photodonut

  1. go to the effect layers panel

  2. click the + button at the bottom (you can also delete from the same panel)

  3. go to the styles again in Photodonut

  4. apply another style and change settings


You will see another effect layer / style in the effect layers panel such as mixing a drawing style and pop art style and comic book style etc. As the effect layer now contains that style and settings, you can also blend that with the other styles in Photodonut via the blend and opacity settings in the same panel

Blends and styles

photodonut style image manga
  1. go to the effect layer and style

  2. select

  3. go to the blend mode in Photodonut

  4. set to difference or multiply etc


You will then see the effect / style applied in difference mode between the two layers (or more effect layers / styles)

Photodonut styles

You can apply styles such as fine etching style in Photodonut, black and white pencil drawing style etc but you cannot create your own styles in the free version (there is a whole load of functionality and ways to manipulate the building blocks in the premium). The free version comes with a lot of great styles though but it is worth checking out the other models of the Photodonut for more functionality

Save the Photodonut image with styles

photodonut post processing

Once you have applied the Photodonut styles and effect layers and blends, you can save the result via the Photodonut in the left corner. Before you save, you can modify the entire image using the post-processing. A neat little set of saturation and gamma and hue and gamma etc options (would be even better if this was extended to include splits with the red and green etc channels and more like camera raw filter) which can then be used to brighten or add contrast to the end result. The end result can then be saved as a PNG file or JPG file etc

Sources and references

Photodonut can be found on the website. Photodonut uses styles to add drawing effects, painting effects, graphic arts effects and more to any images as well as text and designs. References in this tutorial are to the free version (you can do a lot more with the pro / premium).

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