Brushes / shapes / plug-ins for Photoshop / Illustrator / Affinity Photo & Tutorials

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A great place to find presets and plugins and tutorials about Photoshop and Illustrator

Welcome to the graphicxtras site where you can find 1000s of wonderful plugins / presets / brushes / gradients for you. You can also find many free samplers, tutorials, videos, etc. All are by / Andrew Buckle, commercial and personal use, full extended license, all royalty free use, world wide, no credit, use in all your projects. For PC & MAC Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo, Illustrator etc. If you have any questions, please contact us




Product store

You can find links to all our products including a number no longer featured in the main part of the site via our product catalog. All the links are to who handle our sales transactions


3d shapes



You can find a large selection of tutorials on the site



Video tutorials on PS and AI and others

As well as producing many great products for use with your favourite applications, we have also generated over the last couple of years, over a 1500+ video tutorials on about how to use the products, how to use the resources in the products such as how to load them (and that is always a very useful starting point) and how to create the best results using the items. The videos have been very popular and we have now over 2,400+ subscribers to our channel 'graphicxtras'. New videos are added every couple of days and each time many new ideas and tips and tricks are added to the video section and hopefully these videos prove of interest and use as have the products on this site. There are also many videos on the resources such as most of the Adobe products as well as Affinity Photo and Poser and other applications on other sites such as the excellent tutorial site, and also If there are any questions you have about the products such as for PS, Painter Nozzles, PSP Preset shapes etc, please let us know and a new video or two or three will be added on the subject such as how to use the items as strokes or tiles or how to use masks or selections or how to use them across channels or in different image modes or how to use them with the 3D features in the app. You can find the link to our channel at the top of this page. There are also tutorials on Fireworks symbols and Flash symbols


Graphics products - a little background about the site and the developer

Been developing resources for use in Painter and then PaintShop Pro and also Adobe products for now on fifteen years. The first series was a set of plugins called 'Andrew's filters' and they were developed using the powerful filter factory plugin and most of the plugins for that were held on a site called Steve's Desktop Photography. The plugins are now no longer unless you are still using a very old 32bit version of PS or other supported applications on the PC though I guess it is still possible that they are still running as I get many requests for information about older versions as well as the latest Creative cloud 2015 releases as well as tools such as Affinity Photo. Anyway, the plugin set ran to about 1000 different tools with zillions of possible effects. The plugins were then developed further via a tool called FilterMeister and that series of plugins consists of 180 different plugin tools for use on the PC in many different applications. They were for a very long while only 32bit like many series of filters but they are now also 64bit - I have added both versions in the package. If you have purchased the original releases then you can get an update from us to the newer versions though the effects are the same, you can now use them with the latest and greatest filters in PS and other apps. The presets all generally work from about PS 6 onwards as well as PSE 1 but I suspect that most people are now using at least up to CS5 CS6 and beyond depending on whether they have gone for the Creative Cloud subscription. The resources have been modified over the years so the brushes format is now not the same as V6 but they can be used in all versions from that. Sadly, it is not the case with some apps such as PSP and Affinity Photo which use the latest versions of the ABR format.


New products

Added many new products over 2015 such as mist brushes, different weird and wonderful patterns such as numbers themed set, new custom shapes and more. There is every intention to add many new ones over the next few months and into 2016 as well. Been doing a major update of the site with adding a lot of SVG code to the site. The SVG code has been generated via Illustrator and copying into Dreamweaver using SVG objects and hopefully the results mean the site looks good on super retina screens as well as normal ones and, hopefully, as the code is inline SVG, it is also very fast and responsive. I have also been cleaning up and re-sizing many of the images to make them all a lot larger as the site is for graphics professionals it does seem that they should not be seeing very small pictures but fairly decent large ones though I have yet to extend that to images 10,000 x 10,000 but with the SVG it is not such an issue as the artwork is all vectors from Illustrator. Many of the sets on this site are now moving more into the vector side of things such EPS as well as SVG etc format and this is the case for strokes as well as seamless tiles etc. The artwork can then also be used in PS as well as AI in the creative cloud and also used with After Effects to add as footage for films and animations. Another area of development will be more plugins for After Effects which will be a continuation as well as massive update of my previous plugins for AE.


Poser Pro 11

Will be developing many new products using the powerful new version of Poser over the next few months. Poser is a product from Smith Micro and the latest release adds many new wonderful features such as some new comic art lines / new improved terrain (which can be extended even further by adding additional waves and also splitting the morphs) / Superfly (Cycles) render, control points, text props and more. The results have been impressive though the rendering does require a little tweaking but most of the results have then been added into Adobe PS and tweaked further or the results have been image traced in Illustrator for use in comic artwork. There are so many things I would love to see in Poser Pro 12 though such as many different styles of line, even better terrain handling and better skies etc as well as some improvement to the sketch render which sadly has not been touched for a while. Text props is a nice addition but there appears to be no way to change the extrusion of the text and also the actual font as there are many different truetype fonts available on this site and it would be great if they could be quickly imported into the text prop but at the moment it still seems to require additional steps to bring in the OBJ file from something like PS 2015.


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