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Welcome to the site where you can find 1000s of wonderful plugins / presets / brushes / pattern swatches / gradients / custom shapes / seamless patterns / decorative EPS fonts for use in Photoshop, Elements, psp, Affinity Photo, Illustrator, GIMP, Indesign, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, PaintStorm Studio, Clip Studio Paint, Krita and many more. You can also find many free samplers, tutorials, videos, etc. All by / Andrew Buckle, commercial and personal use, full extended license, all royalty free use. Updated February 2021


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Multiple amazing products such as Illustrator symbols and Photoshop custom shapes

You will find many different products on this site such as Photoshop custom shapes, Illustrator symbols, Illustrator patterns etc. These are often very loose terms as many of the Photoshop custom shape sets contain the CSH Photoshop shapes format as well as EPS vector artworks (often the original source material for the vector shapes) and so the Photoshop custom shapes can also use the same designs in other applications such as Krita, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo etc. Illustrator symbols and swatches also sometimes contain the EPS formats as well as the standard AI files (and these also can be often imported into other applications and used as standard paths as well as sources for patterns).

Super amazing brushes for most applications and can be used as patterns and layers and images in countless ways

The brushes sets and patterns sets are fairly universal as they often contain the standard ABR Photoshop brushes format as well as Photoshop patterns PAT as well as PNG format files (or JPG or EPS) and they can be used in countless applications such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, Pages, PaintStorm Studio, Krita etc as well as being interchangeable in terms of brushes and patterns and textures and displacements as well as layers and image artworks. The PNG format is a raster format and they are variable in size. If the set has the same artworks in EPS then the brushes as well as patterns can be used to the maximum size allowable for the application and this does vary from app to app such as Photoshop and 5000 x 5000 etc.

Fonts / EPS sets are universal and can be used in all applications and can be used to any size

The font sets are the most universal of them all. The font sets are not standard typefaces in that the characters / glyphs in the fonts are all decorative vector designs for any size of work. It is probably easiest to access the artworks in the font typefaces via the glyph panel in applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator though not all applications have that luxury. You can use the glyph panel to scan through all the artworks and then use the decorative design as type or in many cases convert the artwork into a native format file such as a custom shape or brush stroke or pattern. The font sets also generally contain the same vector artworks in EPS format and they can be import or opened in many different applications and if not then you can find many free EPS vector conversion to JPG applications on the web.

Illustrator plugins and Photoshop / PSP plugins for the most wow effects around

The plugins for Photoshop etc should work in most versions. Howver, it should be noted that you will need a fairly old version of Illustrator to use our plugins now but I have left them on the site so please feel free to download them


Preset shapes for PaintShop Pro .. all in standard PSPshape format (oh, not to forget picture tubes and frames etc)

The PSP / PaintShop Pro Preset shapes were some of our earliest sets and they are all in pspshape format. The sets are basically font sets so instead of developing more PSP presets, you can just use the font sets as a great source for near infinite vector psp shapes. You can quickly convert from the font design into the native PSP preset shape by right clicking the font shapes. The font shapes can then be quickly saved to a PSP shape via the file export preset shape command. You can then add gradients as well as patterns and textures to the psp preset shapes and also layer effects to the artworks. There were TUB or psptube sets available and these are still available via our shareit pages but the tubes are no longer available from this site.


Corel Painter - Nozzles and grains for one of the most powerful applications around

Related to the TUB sets, there are also many Painter nozzle sets available on the site and these can only be used in Corel Painter (as well as Photo-Paint). The Painter nozzles are all accessed via the nozzle / image hose tool. The colorful artworks can also be converted for use as brushes in Painter as well. The Painter nozzles are all in RIFF format but you can also quickly convert them to PNG and TIFF formats and then use them as new brush strokes as well as Painter grains and pattern sources.


Many of the tools on this site can be used in other applications such as the excellent Clip Studio Paint, Firealpaca, PaintStorm Studio etc

Many of the artworks in the sets can be used in tools such as Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Clip Studio, Krita, PaintStorm Studio etc. In most cases the artworks are not in the native formats so they have to be imported and then converted within the tool but many of the tools have batch processes or just have an automatic conversion feature. Sets with PNG and EPS artwork can be used as a great source for brushes as well as displacement maps and patterns etc. You can also modify those designs so if the design is supplied in black, you can generally just add a color to the artwork via adjustment layers or an effect and then use the artwork in red or blue etc and you can also add effects in Affinity Photo etc to modify the design before using the presets and resources as a great source for brushes and patterns. None of the artworks on this site are cast in stone so they can be modified and combined and re-colored to add a new touch to the artworks


Tutorials on features of Photoshop and Illustrator

You will find a vast amount of information about Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo, PaintStorm Studio etc on this site. Many of my tutorials used to be solely about Photoshop and Illustrator but as with many others, I have been exploring many other products that do some tasks infinitely better than Photoshop, though I still find Photoshop is the perfect all rounder product it still does suffer from a number of issues such as brushes and also a lack of updates in areas such as effects. Clearly the developers of Adobe products have been adding more and more great features with each release and so much so that they have had to add tools such as the search feature in Photoshop giving access to all the new tools as well as to many tutorials but some areas are still (for me) still neglected.


Adding more and more tutorials on Affinity Photo, etc and many other products - it is not just the Creative Cloud tutorials

Anyway, that is a roundabout way of saying that I am also really interested in many of the other products that are now around such as Krita, PaintStorm Studio, Clip Studio Paint, Photo Donut, Rebelle, GIMP, Sumopaint, Affinity Photo, Expresii and so on. Some of these products have been around for a while but they really still have never been as sought out or as studied (for tutorials) as Photoshop so I will be adding a lot more tutorials onto my site as well as tutorials onto my video channel for graphics on graphicxtras. Please let me know if you want to find out about a particular area of the applications above and I will add more tutorials. I don't have each and every version of those applications and some are not as good as Photoshop and the creative cloud and they write over the earlier versions so a full study of the tools such as Krita and the different versions is just not possible. Luckily Photoshop does allow for the keeping of the earlier versions (I would love to see a section for the really old versions of Photoshop such as Photoshop 6 though I suspect installing that on OS Sierra etc will be tricky (even High Sierra).


Step to step tutorials and learn how to use many features in the applications - always updating the tutorials as well as adding new ones

All my tutorials generally include some images of the work in progress and also I try and add the steps for Adobe Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo etc though if you find the steps confusing or in error, please let me know and I can then re-go over the steps to make them clearer and perhaps fill in additional information. Sometimes it is so easy to assume that everyone knows about adjustment layers or custom shapes or brushes etc and just casually mention them in a really confusing way. I am also trying to add tutorials to show steps on how to create arrow designs, how to create embellishment designs, how to create checkerboard designs etc to match the products on the site so you can see some of the steps to the creation of the tools that I have added as products on the site. Many of the products on the site are at their core very basic artworks such as arrows and chevrons etc but many include many embellishments. The various steps for the tutorial are slightly different from the usual text and all the steps are numbered.


How were the products on this site created ?

Many of the products on this site started as vector designs and were originally developed in Adobe Illustrator (different versions of Illustrator as well as with many different mixes of plugins such as the excellent Astute graphics sets but also many other vector plugin sets such as the Metacreation KPT Vector effects set and how I would love to see that set resurrected). Illustrator is probably my number one favorite product for creating designs and from there all the artworks can be placed in tools such as Photoshop, Elements, PSP, Affinity Photo etc Another great thing about using Illustrator is that the artwork remains still editable years later and the points can all be re-worked and cleaned up in numerous ways to create even more designs for use in Photoshop etc. The Illustrator artwork can also be used to any size so all the brushes and the patterns etc can be created 10,000 by 10,000 etc and also can be re-generated for different devices such as 4K 5K 8K 12K etc as well as different density devices. In recent years I have started to use other vector products but sadly there are still too few of them but Affinity Designer is fast becoming another favorite tool along with Affinity Photo. The only thing I find lacking in Adobe Illustrator (for my purposes) is animation but the results of any designs can also be exported to tools such as After Effects. I would love to see more features for comic production in Adobe Illustrator through I am moving more and more to Clip Studio Paint and Rebelle and Krita for any comic work as the tool sets fits well for comic creation


Freebies and samplers

Please feel free to download our sampler sets and freebies, all are for commercial use

Freebies and samplers for your projects such as brushes, shapes etc

The artworks in the free section cover a whole range of different artworks such as free brushes, free patterns, free gradients, free shapes etc. In many cases the artworks are in PNG format so they are not in the native brushes or patterns format such as ABR or PAT etc. The artworks can be used in all your projects. You should note that they are all stored in zip files and they can be downloaded and unzipped by using a number of tools such as unzip and stuffit expander.


Commercial use, royalty free use for all our designs

You can use all the items on this site to create items for resale, you can use them to create anything you wish. You can use the brushes and shapes etc to create t-shirts, book covers, record covers, illustrations, basic logos, shoes, phone covers, exercise book covers, trousers, pants, hats, pens, etc


No time limits

There are no time limits on the use of any of the resources on the site, no usage limits, world wide use


All are by

All the resources on this site are by / Andrew Buckle. All the artworks have been created over the years by me using a variety of tools such as Illustrator and Poser and Photoshop with a little Affinity Photo and Designer in the mix.


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All our products are for use in commercial and personal work. You can use the resources such as the brushes and shapes in all your projects and all royalty free. You do not have to add any credit. There are no restrictions on time or location or number of uses. The tutorials are there to give you loads of new ideas so please feel free to read and use them in your projects.


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